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Tax law should not be seen as trivial. The impact of tax on company life is as important as for private individuals.

Specific services:

  • counselling and litigation.
  • Optimization of the tax system: company tax, income tax, ISF, inheritance tax, VAT.

Tax litigation:<:p>

Du Manoir de Juaye firm get involved as soon as the procedure starts , helping the taxpayer for the audit, before district's tax commission and before of the public or private courts.

Example of successful cases

  • ISF: Administration contesting the tax base held by the taxpayer.
  • Non commercials profits: Administration rejected a out of town taxpayer's traveling costs.
  • Fiscal residence: Administration refused to consider a French taxpayer as African. This case led to a French IRS search of a Parisian flat belonging to the taxpayer.
  • An administrative rejection of the deduction of VAT for construction work made by a supermarket.

Tax advice:

Du Manoir de Juaye Law Firm mediates in order to minimise taxation for companies as well as taxpayers.

Example of successful cases:

  • Tax treaty shopping: the art of using the full range of tax treaties in order to escape a tax deducted at the source during the transfer of incomes, fees, dividends, from one country to another. For example, if a French company wants to reverse some royalties to another one based in Mauritius, the administration will retain 15%.
  • Agency assessment whether goods are for professional or private use, operational holding company. implementation.
  • Off shore company creation.
  • Asset striping operation on usufruct and non usufruct ownership in order to buy real estate.
  • Income tax and ISF minimisation.
  • Preparing holding company transfers to heirs . Dutreil act.