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Our main characteristics in a glance :
  • 12 Lawyers.
  • ISO 9001 certification.
  • Many publications and conferences, in France as well as in other countries. A testimony to the quality of our approach.
  • About 30% of our revenue is acquired on Intellectual Property and New Technologies cases.
  • 25 % of our revenue is made on cases involving other countries.
Les principales caractéristiques du cabinet en quelques points :
  • 12 Avocats.
  • Certifié ISO 9001.
  • De très nombreuses publications et conférences en France comme à l’étranger qui sont la reconnaissance de notre approche et de notre qualité.
  • Environ 30 % de son Chiffres d’affaires sur la propriété intellectuelle et les nouvelles technologies.
  • 25 % de son chiffre d’affaires sur des dossiers comportant un élément d’extranéité.

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Please consult our specialties below :

Intellectual and industrial property law

The capital of a company is intangible. Therefore , the worth and value of a company depends on its patents, trademarks, and designs. (more)

Abus de defiscalisation

Texte en cours d'élaboration

Employment law

People are the main source of a company's power, but it is also a source of weakness. This fact leads our Firm approach to Employment law. (more)

Business Law

Society is now more governed by the law. As a result companies use the law as a competitive tool and it has to be included in business strategy. (more)

Tax Law

Tax Law should not be seen as trivial. The impact of tax on company life is as important as for private individuals.

Specific services:

  • counselling and... (more)

SELARL du MANOIR de JUAYE intervened many times in international litigation, including intellectual property or international arbitration.

In 2008... (more)

Inheritance Law

SELARL DU MANOIR de JUAYE was taken to address important issues concerning succession, coming to the aid of the heirs who had been dispossessed by their co-heirs.

It allowed the... (more)

Corporate law

Company creation.

The firm emphasises the right form of organisation, the drafting of articles of association... (more)

Commercial Law

Trade law daily goes hand in hand with the life of the company. This may involve a lease , a contract, a supplier, a distributor situation etc. (more)

Le cabinet d'avocats Du Manoir de Juaye est situé à quelques centaines de mètres de l'arc de triomphe
Le cabinet d'avocats Du Manoir de Juaye est situé à quelques centaines de mètres des Champs Elysées