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V1.1. Working in tandem

Case files are handled by an Attorney who is always paired with one of his colleagues, so that the client always has someone to consult.

In addition, advices or legal documents of particular complexity are reviewed by attorneys with several years’ seniority.

1.2. Availability - time-limits

Our Firm’s working methods prioritize the close relationship with the client as regards availability, responsiveness, transparency and the sharing of information.

1.2.1. Contacting the Firm

The Firm is so organized as to ensure uninterrupted assistance at the service of the client.

Case files are handled so that there is always an attorney familiar with the matter available to keep the client informed, and to assist it either orally or by electronic means. The principal representatives of the Firm are contactable six days out of seven by cellphone or e-mail (BlackBerry equivalent).

The Firm’s switchboard is open continuously from 0800 hours to 2000 hours (CET) from Mondays to Fridays and on Saturday mornings from 0800 hours to 1300 hours.

Important telephone calls are confirmed by e-mail.

1.2.2. Time-limits

Our quality charter requires that we define with the client, on receipt of the case file, any time-limits for action it requires. Such time-limits are later confirmed in writing.

The number of attorneys in the Firm provides flexibility in organizing our schedules and enables us to react to any emergency and to do so rapidly when the occasion demands.

In the course of quality audits effected twice a year, compliance with such time-limits is verified and, to date, the auditors have been fully satisfied with our performance.

Generally, the time-limits are as follows:

Time-limit proposed

Legal advice: 1 to 3 hours, up to 5 working days

Drafting of documents : 24 hours to 5 working days

Straightforward assistance and advice :Real time (by telephone or e-mail, usually)

Defense and representation of the client : In accordance with the procedural time-limits fixed by the courts in legal proceedings: drafting of pleadings, etc.

1.3. Reporting back

The client is informed within eight working hours of any event affecting its case file.

At the start of each month the client receives a provisional timetable with procedural dates or dates for work to be done by our Firm. This information is restated in our partnership area.

Case file reviews are organized periodically with the client. The frequency of meetings is determined with the client at the start of the assignment.

Case file reviews are usually monthly or quarterly.

1.4. Confidentiality – IT security

Having regard to its involvement in the field of Economic Intelligence, the Firm of du MANOIR de JUAYE is particularly sensitive to confidentiality and security.

Paper documents needing to be destroyed are processed according to their degree of confidentiality in one of the following ways:

  • Immediate destruction by the Firm’s document shredder;
  • Deferred destruction over time by a company specialised in the processing of confidential information;
  • Ordinary waste disposal.

The Firm is IT protected by technical devices such as a FIREWALL.

The IT server is regularly audited to check for any intrusion.

The communication and storage of data may be encrypted if the client so wishes.


2.1. Responsiveness

The structure of the firm and the number of its attorneys enable it to provide the human resources required in the event of emergency, whether to take rapid action or to present a defense, especially in summary proceedings or on a fixed date summons.

2.2. Consultation

Before any legal proceeding, it is desirable to assess strengths and weaknesses, for estimating the client’s chances and the risks incurred.

This analysis is based on matters of fact after consideration of the most recent case law. The firm of du MANOIR de JUAYE therefore provides a detailed advice to the client. Should the litigation appear to be doomed from the outset, the firm will not hesitate to suggest a compromise solution.

2.3. Evidence

A case is usually successful insofar as one can provide evidence to support one’s argument. The firm of du MANOIR de JUAYE is renowned for its familiarity with pre-contentious legal procedure, enabling the collection of evidence by lawful means. For example, article 145 of the French Civil Procedure Code, breach of copyright seizure, etc.

In the course of consultation, the firm of du MANOIR de JUAYE may therefore suggest such measures, for example, as seizure of e-mailboxes, log records, etc.

2.4. Informing the client

The client is informed within forty-eight hours of any case file dates.

No document is sent to the court or the opposing party without the prior agreement of the client. The firm sufficiently anticipates any hearing dates, to enable the client to make its observations and suggestions on any proposals submitted to it.

2.5. End of litigation

Legal proceedings, whether successful or otherwise, are never insignificant in the life of a local authority or public institution. Consequently, at the end of the case, or even in the course of it, proposals are made to avoid any repetition of the proceedings and/or to maximize the chances of the client succeeding in other cases of the same kind.


Our Firm has been ISO 9001 certified since 2005.

Our certificate concerns both our attorneys’ practises and our training activity.

The process we are describing is therefore approved by an external organization.

Far from being a formal operation leading to a “diploma”, the quality control procedure leads us to effect an in-depth analysis of the relationship with our clients and then to improve our performance, with particular reference to the training of attorneys.

The completion of this process has also impacted the Firm’s information and documentation, so as to optimize the relevance of its services, advisory assignments and assistance to its clients.